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Step Up to Learn Works Towards "Breaking the Ethnic and Gender Barriers in the STEM Field

Sahar and Ariana Lalehparvar, two high school students from San Jose, California, are the founders of Step Up to Learn. Step Up to Learn is a nonprofit organization that offers low-cost online tutoring and coaching services with monthly and annual subscriptions for all math courses, ranging from pre-algebra to calculus. We also provide school mentoring and college coaching. We are passionate about helping students like us find the best and smoothest path to academic success.

Pre-pandemic, we were aware of our community's need for assistance in mathematics and the other STEM subjects. Once Covid-19 struck the world, academic struggles skyrocketed, making life harder for students and their parents. Students who had difficulty grasping math concepts often lost the motivation and confidence to work independently and do the necessary exercises to help them achieve their academic plans and goals.


This is where we come in. From this global shift, we recognized the great need for tutoring services in mathematics. We also concluded that there is a need for mentorship and college coaching, which would help underachieving students to accomplish more with less effort, increasing their academic performance and their chances of being accepted to their dream colleges. Overall, we want to work towards breaking the ethnic and gender barriers in the STEM field.


We would sincerely love to take on the challenge of helping as many people as possible. We are here for you!

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